Vídeo: Caballos de Camargue

Spirit, El Corcel Indomable
Fotomontaje del caballo de Camargue; una raza que proviene de la región con el mismo nombre. Este equino está considerado en su tierra como un símbolo de libertad y tradición. La música clásica del fotomontaje es un tema llamado “Swan Lake” del compositor Tchaikovsky.

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11 Comentarios: “Vídeo: Caballos de Camargue”

  1. Cruzxzz says:

    Goodness, I asked a zillion peploe for advice and suggestions before planning the trip and got just a few pointers. And without knowing it, I had a local gal’ right under my nose . I plan to go back, so your pointers will be valuable.There was one heron who hung out on the domaine where we stayed. His thing was to wait for the gates to open and hop along in front of the car as it went down the unpaved road, making it go even more slowly so as not to hit him. He seemed to have such a good time with that!We also met up with a family of gardians , the young son about 14 was learning the ropes and was oh so serious about it all (and himself). His horse was the gentlest one I’ve met, he kept resting his forehead on mine Hated to leave!If you miss flamingos, I should send you some images, I have several dozen good ones. They are beautiful, but they sure have attitude and a poor teaming skills. I’m just over the moon with horses everywhere (always wanted one, though I am too intermittent a rider to be any good scared myself silly this time!) and especially with Le9o the Peacock who just charmed the dickens out of me. The beach and wide open spaces I hadn’t enjoyed something as free since I lived in Hawai’i. With the nose to the grindstone, this short break seems so far away already. Sigh!

    • Osito says:

      Can you give me an idea of what you could expect to spend daily in this area, in redrgas to lodging, meals, sites? Where would you fly in to? The best time of year to go?

    • Jasmyn says:

      Ja, de5 e4r det bara ca 100 le4nder kvar. Snyggt jobbat! Och det var stor viairtaon pe5 de senaste bilderna! Bara det e4r ju trevligt.

    • Carlos says:

      What a cutie! Those ears are great! We have a similar one in the monuatins, somewhat rare, only black, but with tufted ears just like this little guy. Always fun to see!

    • Nelder says:

      Ja, naturen har vekgliren anstre4ngt sig ff6r en tjusig komposition. Med hje4lp av dig ff6rste5s. Jag hade ockse5 en fin upplevelse i solnedge5ngen, med ett smalt skogsparti i ff6rgrunden och en rosaglittrande vattenyta. Re5djur har vi se5 mycket, se5 man fe5r nastan tre4nga sig fram.

  2. Saharra says:

    Nu har man hamnat pe5 laendt .. de4r man kan he4mta krafter igen .. det se5 se5 rogivande att vara pe5 se5dana ste4llen :) Vi se5g en massa kor ige5r ockse5 och e4ven sme5 kalvar :)kram :)

  3. Can says:

    We were having the same tgohuhts this weekend!!! This is just beautiful, and I love that you chose black and white for it.Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.Have a wonderful day!lisa.

  4. Ahad says:

    Idyll :) // Ja, det e4r en ladusvala eller flera syckten var det. Det finns en gammal lada lite le4ngre bort se5 det e4r nog de4r dom bor.

  5. Muhammet says:

    A lovely cuptare with a nice artistic presentation. I think I see a little bit of water there in the center. This could easily be here in VA where my husband and I go hiking. It is so pretty…Mother Nature at her best.

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